Discovering your kingdom destiny

Discovering your kingdom destiny

Discovering your kingdom destinyDiscovering your kingdom destiny

If God Can Find David: Discovering Your Kingdom Destiny  will give you a better understanding of what you are called to walk in as a believer.  Through this uplifting and powerful read, you will learn how to go from heartache to wholeness. It will empower you to go to the next level with God as you discover, deepen, and maintain your true identity, becoming all you can be in Him. 

Book Endorsements

 “If God Can Find David will be a great inspiration to your heart and life. You will learn how God uses and anoints imperfect people. As we submit our lives to God, our areas of greatest weakness and struggle become our areas of greatest anointing and authority. Your breakthrough will become a breakthrough for someone else. Be empowered to discover your true purpose, destiny, and identity in God. This book will greatly impact and equip you to move to a higher level of God’s glory and power in your life.” 

Matt Sorger - Matt Sorger Ministries

“If you are thirsty and hungry for more, this book is an answer to the cry of your heart. Bev’s own story, told with amazing transparency, will inspire you to go to that next level. You will learn how to make godly choices that will produce good fruit. God wants to birth something new, something fresh in you! You can have a true understanding of who you are—and who God is—on the inside of you. This is your moment to become all He made you to be.” 

Gary Oates, Conference Speaker and Author of Open My Eyes Lord. 

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What Others are Saying About "If God Can Find David"

 “It is with great pleasure I recommend If God Can Find David by Bev Bradley. It is an answer to prayers and a prophetic word I was able to give Bev a few years ago while ministering with her and Sid in one of their ministry conferences. Bev is a persistent messenger for God, and this book is yet another testimony of that. She gives us a great resource tool on “finding your own personal identity” in Christ Jesus. I gladly endorse If God Can Find David as Bev leads us through her trials, words, and tests to genuinely know who we are in Christ and how to operate from that solid level of our God-designed authority. Bev leads us to know who we are supposed to be through Abba Father and then to live victoriously as God planned. Get more than one copy and share with your family and friends. If God Can Find David, Bev Bradley, and John Mark Pool, rest assured, He will find you!” 

John Mark Pool, Author, Conference Speaker, and Co-founder of Word to the World Ministries.

“Beverly Bradley has been a champion for Christ in our region for years, preaching the gospel and sharing her story of God’s redeeming grace. Her new book, If God Can Find David, captures her amazing journey from heartbreak to wholeness through Christ and explains what authentic faith is in Him. This book will encourage your heart and embolden your faith to never give up in trials or hardship because God has something beautiful to show you through it all. I encourage you to not only read this book but give it to others who need to be encouraged to overcome. Beverly’s uplifting and powerful testimony demonstrates that Jesus Christ is not only with us, but He is for us, and will empower us to shine His light and love in every circumstance of life.” 

Pastor Randy D. Rice, Lead Pastor of Life Church, West Chester, Ohio Founder of the Life Church, Network  

“Knowing who you are in Christ is one of the key foundations for a life of victory as a believer. Sadly, many followers of Jesus struggle to root their identity in Christ, as our world grows ever hostile to the Gospel. Beverly Bradley (a.k.a. mom to me) has birthed a guide for every believer, both babes in the faith and seasoned vets, to discover, deepen, and maintain their identity in Jesus. What she shares in this book hasn’t been learned in a classroom; rather, it comes from the depths of a soul who has spent many years following Jesus and many hours seeking Him in prayer. From that place of deep intimacy and practical living, she shares with clarity what it takes to know who you are in Christ, and who He is in you.”

Justin Bradley - Lead Pastor of Redemption Life Church 

“Having known her for several years and having had the privilege on occasion of ministering side by side with her, I can say with confidence that Bev Bradley is in love with Jesus Christ. Not only is she in love with Him, she longs to see Jesus glorified in the life of His Church. Spend any time listening to Bev teach, and you will discover a heart passionate for the people of God to learn to live the fullness of the kingdom of God. It gives me great joy to finally welcome the first of what I hope will be many books written by my friend Beverly Bradley. I trust that it will speak to you.” 

Pastor Chris Sheneman, NewSong Vineyard Church, Harrison, Ohio.  

“Bev Bradley’s If God Can Find David: Discovering Your Kingdom Destiny is a book we highly recommend. We have known Bev for many years. She is always a favorite conference speaker. She is very passionate about the Word of God, and you will see that as you read this book. You will be encouraged and inspired by it.” 

Bob and Carla Fritz, Ohio State Healing Room directors and directors of Healing Rooms of Cincinnati-North [IAHR]

Book Reviews


Life changing


“This book was life-changing for me. It is loaded with actual scripture, and real-life illustrations that will really help the reader grow in their identity, and ultimately in their God-given purpose. It was a great read, very engaging. I highly recommend this book.” Sheri H.

Radio host highly recommends


“I had Beverly and Sid on my radio program this week. So I had to read the book to be able to conduct an interview. …this book takes a fresh approach on how important it is to become one with the creator of all things and how God has placed a promise, purpose, dreams and visions on the inside of us all! If we don’t know what they are, we need to find out. This book will help you realize God’s will for your life. I highly recommend this book to help you continue on in your journey of life.” Rich E.

Her (story) is astounding


“Beverly’s fervor for the Lord and to be used by Him is evident. The recount of her early walk with Jesus Christ and His leading her is astounding. A true trust in her Savior was accomplished in the early years of her surrender to Him. I could feel, through her book, her desire to see people walk in all God has for them. He restores, renews, leads and uses us. She presses you to acquire a hunger for God and tap into all God has for you.” Jerry and Patty T.

This book may be what you're waiting for


“If you feel God’s call on your life but are awaiting a transition of some sort…this book may be it. Realign your thinking to see Kingdom opportunity in your situation and hear God’s voice in every circumstance.” Joe C.

You will feel empowered


“This book will speak to your heart and inspire you to never give up no matter what you’ve been through in life. You will feel empowered to truly listen to what God is speaking to your soul. I have heard Beverly speak several times now and I always leave feeling uplifted, encouraged and closer to God.” Kim T.

Powerful and inspiring


“This book is powerful and inspiring! A great read, and a purchase you won’t regret.” Kelsey P.

Don't miss this for your life


“The power and importance of taking time to be in God’s presence is wonderfully revealed. Don’t miss this for your life.” Daryl and Judy D.

Did not want to stop reading it


“I purchased this book and I did not want to stop reading it. It offers great testimonies. Guides you to scriptures of inspiration and encouragement. And lets you know who is in control. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I would recommend this book to anyone.” Joyce H.

Held my interest from the start


“I usually read fiction but this book held my interest from the start! There are so many powerful truths in here. A life-changer!” Jean G.

Awesome book


“This is an awesome book. Easy to read. You feel like Beverly is having a personal conversation with you as you read her testimony. If you want to grow closer to God I highly recommend this book.” Marilyn Y. 

Love love love this book


“This book is amazing! God used Beverly to speak to me in the most wonderful ways. I highly recommend this for anyone and everyone who is trying to figure out life and the seasons we go thru. Beverly shares so much relatable testimony that you just know God is using her to speak to you. Love love love this book and have purchased several other copies to share with friends!” Tia W.